Saturday, 7 May 2016

Simple Trick To Store A Pictorial Log Of Problem in Windows

Problems Steps Recorder (for windows)

We all have faced problems while trying to change some settings, or while doing some project. Next thing we do is pick up our mobile and call the tech boy (everyone have one tech boy whom they call whenever they face any tech problem) and he tries to explain us where we went wrong.

Not many of us know (rarely anyone know) that windows has a preinstalled software which allows us to record all our problems in a MHTMLfile which we can mail to that techboy, and this will prevent us (and him ) from all the mobile hassle. 

Here are the steps to open this software

Step 1: Open run (window+ r)

Step 2: Type "psr".

Step 3: psr window will open.

Step 4: Click "Start Record" button.

Step 5: Do all the steps during which you were facing problems.

Step 6: Click "Stop Record".

Step 7: Save the zip file. This zip file will contain a document which will contain pictorial log of our problem.

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