Thursday, 10 March 2016

Basic docker commands

1. diff          
It checks for all modifications in Docker container’s file system.

2. history      
It displays history of image.

3. events     
It is helpful in retrieving real time events of server.

4. Load
It is used in loading images form tar files.

5. images 
It is useful to list out all possible images.

6. login
It is helpful to register and login from registry server of Docker.

7. Port
It is used for looking up NAT-ed to PRIVATE_PORT. NAT-ed is the public port.

8. Kill
It is helpful in killing the recently running container. 

9. cp 
It is used to copy files as well as folders to host system from file system of docker container.

10. insert
It is used to insert files in docker image.
11. info
It is used to display the entire system details.
12. import
It is used in creating a new file system from tarball contents. 

13. inspect 
It is used to return low-level data from docker container. 

14. build
It is helpful to build Docker containers from the Docker files.

15. attach
It is used to attach things for runnable container. 

16. commit
It is used to create docker images through docker container’s changes.  
17. tag
It is helpful in tagging docker images to docker repositories.
18. export
It is helpful to stream Docker container’s contents as archive (tar archive). 

19. top
It is used for looking-up recently executing processes of docker containers.  
20. pull
It is used to fetch docker image or docker repository from the registry server.

21. wait
It would block the running until the Docker containers stop and then the exit code is printed.

22. version
It will display docker’s version information.  
23. restart  
It is helpful in restarting the Docker containers.
24. push
It pushes or inserts image or repository to registry server of Docker. 

25. stop
It is used to stop currently running Docker container.
26. start
It is used to initiate the stopped container.

27. search
It is used in browsing or searching docker images through docker index.  

28. rm
It is used in removing one or multiple Docker containers.
29. ps
It is helpful in listing all possible Docker containers available.
30. rmi
It is helpful in removing one or multiple Docker images.

31. save
It is helpful in saving Docker images in tar file. 

32. run
It is helpful in running docker commands in container.

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