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Top 8 Programming Languages To Learn

Top 8 Programming Languages To Learn In 2015

by  on March 19, 2015
Top 8 Programming Languages to learn in 2015
In today’s world, internet has changed our life and lot of things are happening in this tech world after evolution of smartphones and number of people using them. From developing mobile apps for Android or iPhone’s to fascinating eCommerce website, programming is must need. If you are a hotshot coder you can even earn up-to $300 per hour or more while developing apps or websites.

Nowadays people are finding themselves to be capable enough to write code and create very amazing things from it. I believe that feature of programming to analyze certain things on the web is also very fascinating to all of us, which certainly makes programming  to be one of the coolest things in today’s world.

An average salary is around $80,000 for a full efficient programmer. So this is the right time for you to think once again regarding changing your career path. Last year I posted “Top 5 programming language to learn in 2014” to let you know and learn demanding languages of 2014. Now in this post I am providing you a list of top 8 programming languages which I have ranked according to their usage and also are in great demand in the current technology scenario.
1) python 
  • Most readable programming language amongst all of others.
  • General-purpose, high-level programming language
  • Strict ordering of code
  • Excellent to learn for beginners
  • Focus more on code readability and productivity
Website using python: Yahoo, NASA, Mozilla, Instagram, Pinterest

2) Java 
  • First and foremost Java is widely used in Android. So when you look into your android powered smartphone apps you are meeting Java. Thus you can imagine how importance this language has derived since evolution of smartphones.
  • To build dynamic websites
  • To build desktop apps
  • Write once and run anywhere is most famous feature of Java
  • Open source JKD
  • Lots of API
Apps build using Java: Android apps, ATMs, Games

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3) C++ 
  • Most powerful programming language and most part of the operating systems that we use are written in C++
  • Truly object oriented language which was not found in C
  • C++ is a bit more advanced than C which means you need to know C language in order to master yourself in C++
  • Used extremely in developing games and apps
Well known apps and browsers using C++: Chrome, Mozilla, Adobe, Windows music player

Websites to learn C++: tutorialspointlearncppcppinstitute

4) C# 
  • Object oriented language
  • High demand for developers working on Windows platform to build desktop or mobile apps
  • Works greatly with ASP and .NET
Websites using C#: Unity game engine, Microsoft, Windows apps

Websites to learn C#: tutorialspointUdemylearncs

5) Ruby 
  • Simple and object oriented programming language
  • Readable programming language
  • Implemented on all major platforms
  • Focused on building web-based applications
  • Complete web development framework
  • Helps to Kick-start your project in less time
Website using Ruby: Scribd, Yammer, Shopify, Github and Groupon

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6) JavaScript 
  • Enhance visual display
  • Add effects to your website
  • Interactive web pages
  • Form validation
  • You can secure your backend
  • Create your own apps
Websites using JavaScript: Google, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Mozilla, Photoshop

Websites to learn JavaScript: W3schoolstutorialspointEduonixcodeacademy

7) Objective-C 
objective cFeatures:
  • Superset of C programming language
  • Must know programming language to build iOS apps for iPhone and iPad
  • General purpose and object oriented in nature
  • Powerful language and is in great demand
  • Earn healthy amount of money by hosting apps on App Store.
Apps built with Objective C: iPhone apps

Website to learn Objective C: tutsplusAppleUdemy

8) PHP 
  • It’s Free
  • Easy to learn
  • Cross-Platform compatibility
  • Powerful, Quick and Scalable
  • Easy deployment
  • Hosting at reasonable price
  • 80% websites are using PHP for server side scripting
Websites using PHP: Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Wikipedia, Blogs sites, Flickr

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