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How to protect your computer from virus

Internetwork has become the busiest platform since its inception till now. Everyday billions of users browse their queries, chat on social media, run online businesses, play online games, download their favorite movies and GOD knows what else. Name anything, and artificially intelligent search engines out there will bring you a thousand answers in response to the query you mentioned.
The bleak reality, with which most of the users, are unaware of yet, is the fact, that internet is a platform, controlled by no one. By “no one”, we literally mean no one. Here at this point, let’s put forward another reality bomb which says, the moment you get connected to the outside world through internet, the moment onwards, with every passing moment your system is vulnerable and exposed to viruses, threats, malicious content, key loggers and various other phishing injections that remain undetected even if they enter your system while you are enjoying an online game with your friend and who knows there is a bad script running behind the game and it gets downloaded due to a loophole in the web browser configuration. There you have it, you switch on your system the next morning and find your system with corrupted operating system.
how to protect your computer from virus

After much thought been put into, various tech experts took the initiative and introduced the measures on how to protect your computer, how to secure your system from malicious threats, and how to raise a shield against hacks and other encrypted injections that are a potential threat to today’s systems. According to statistics published in a 2011 Norton Cyber Crime Report, there were 431 million victims of cyber-crime across the globe who lost a huge cumulative sum of $388 billion. The cause of such exponential rise in cyber-crime is attributed to more towards the loopholes, knowingly left by our user, rather than the hacker or malicious developer who tends to breach your system’s security using viruses.
This article will provide an insight to our user, who keeps on browsing the internet without caring less about what can be the consequences of clicking a popup-add, opening a spam email, downloading a negatively reviewed torrent and most importantly, the developer who claim their schedule to be tight enough that they don’t even care what plug-in are they installing and what extra patches it entails? Points discussed below, will clear out many conceptions and we hope you will get enough know-how about computer security.
Use Secure Operating System
The best precautionary measure, one can ever take in order to secure a computer is to use already secured operating system like Linux and Mac. Both of these operating systems come in various flavors and you are free to choose between any of the choices from the list of versions. A piece of advice here would be, try to go for the second last version of these operating systems as they are stable in nature and bug-free.

Use Anti-Virus Programs

In case you are using an un-secured operating system, for instance Windows or Android, try to monitor your operating system by installing an anti-virus program available free of cost all over the internet while the C.Ds and D.V.Ds are not available free of cost, if you have no any internet connection. A notion here is quite intriguing as it stands by the claim that anti-viruses are the programs developed by those, who were themselves hackers once. Despite every claim that comes forward, anti-viruses are a great precautionary measures and have proved themselves in case where protection of a computer system is concerned.

Never Click on Spammed Emails

Emails contribute a lot in virus and malware propagation. Sometimes while browsing, it is most likely that you come open a page where they ask to submit your email for further subscription. Never ever submit your email on unknown platforms unless or until you are one hundred percent sure that this is actually the content you have searched for. Emails are collected through such tricks and then, provided to a programmed bot whose task is to disseminate a malicious executable file to all the email addresses in the log file. Novice users most probably open such emails and by the moment they realize it contained nothing important, there system’s security has already been compromised.

Customize Your Web Browser      

The hardest task one can ever do is to restrict oneself from the charms that external plug-ins and activeX controls entail. With the extensions like Java, JavaX and activeX enabled, your web browser is vulnerable to seventy percent of the threats by allowing those potentially malicious viruses which propagate faster using Java Based Platforms. With the fact already known that almost 30 billion devices on this planet runs with the help of Java, malicious content developers have find these devices as a soft target for them and that’s the reason why viruses have become so common. Adding more to it, don’t let your browser open any external program like Microsoft Word or Excel. Also restrict your browser to call any external protocols by denying such calls from the operating systems.

Parents Role

Our young generation is more technology oriented than our parents. Now a days, kids learn their nursery rhymes and a,b,c pronunciation, not from the melodious and ear warming tone of their mothers, but from YouTube and Dailymotion instead. Kids have no idea what to click and where to click, they are likely to select and install any program that comes in front of the screen. Parents are advised to take control on the activities of their children and keep a strict eye on what they do over the internet in order to avoid the situation where you have to cry over spilt milk.


Consider a situation where you are using a secured operating system, with no any internet connection. Now in such a scenario, you are quite safe but you are no more than a freak. Because today’s world is a world of technology and for those who still want to remain conventional, will be eradicated from the changing dynamics of technology. So it’s better to protect your systems from malware and keep your privacy secured while enjoying the charms of the day, remain proactive and face the challenges rather than keeping yourself in a dark whole of unawareness.

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