Saturday, 26 March 2016

How to force the browser to remember to your password

Whenever you open a website using Google Chrome and log in with your username and password, the browser prompts you for saving the password. If you select yes then it saves your log-in detail internally and the next time you try to log into the website, it will auto fill in the username and password for you.

Though we have been talking about only Google chrome here but most modern browsers offer this feature.

The problem in this is that it does not work for all types of websites, specifically those websites, which disables this option for their login forms for security reasons. For example pay pal website does not allow the browser to remember your log-in details, so you have to manually enter it each time you visit the website.

Websites can easily disable the auto fill option by writing the login page in a certain manner and setting auto complete=off for the password field. After which the browser will never prompt you for saving the password.

But there are ways in which you can easily get around this problem and force the browser to remember your password.

The geeky way to do this is by changing and overwriting the existing code of the web page and setting the auto complete attribute of the password field to on.
However, if you don't want to get into the technical stuff, this can be done far more easily by just adding the 'Remember Password' extension to your Google Chrome browser. This extension automatically does everything for you.

So the next time you open such a website using this extension, your browser will itself prompt you for saving your password and once saved, users do not need to fill it every time.  

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