Saturday, 12 March 2016

Software Testing Tools

1) qTest:

qTest logo
Developed by QASymphony, qTest is the only test management solution that allows you to manage your manual, exploratory, and automated testing in a single location, providing the most complete view of your testing coverage and progress on the market. With the help of qTest Connector, it has seamless integrations with JIRA for an entire end-to-end QA solution – but that is not all, it also integrates with other tools like Bugzilla, FogBugz, Rally, VersionOne etc.
Visit qTest website: Try a free 14 day trial of qTest at

2) PractiTest:

practiTest logo
An entirely SaaS end-to-end QA and Agile friendly Test management tool. Using their unique and customizable filters you can efficiently organize your requirements, create and run tests, track bugs and generate reports using this tool. It integrates seamlessly with leading bug tracking tools like JIRA, Pivotal tracker, Bugzilla, and Redmine as well as various automation tools such as Selenium, Jenkins etc. However, their API can ensure further customizing for your process’ needs.  It is not open sourced but is quite affordable. You can benefit from their human methodological support throughout your usage.
Visit PractiTest webesite: For more features and pricing information, check:

3) Zephyr:

Zephyr logo
Zephyr products are the fastest growing agile test management products in the world with more than 7000 customers in 100 countries. Their real-time solutions offer seamless integrations with tools project teams are already using today like JIRA, Selenium, Jenkins, Bamboo as well as the tools they will use tomorrow as Agile and DevOps processes evolve overtime.
Visit Zephyr website to learn how enterprises are realizing business advantages through continuous testing that facilitates faster release cycles, fewer bugs and greater reliability.

4) Test Collab:

TestCollab logo
Test Collab is a modern test management tool which offers complete platform for your application’s testing. It offers state-of-the-art integration with all popular bug trackers and test automation tools. Apart from that, it offers time tracking,  agile methodology, requirements management, test plans and scheduling.
Visit Test Collab website for free trial and more info:

5) TestFLO for JIRA


TestFLO is JIRA add-on providing comprehensive test management process into JIRA due to reusable Repository of Test Cases allowing for rapid Test Plan creation and copying. TestFLO supports flexible configurations for Agile Teams and Projects, smoothly integrates with defects and requirements providing broad traceability metrics and extensive reporting including all JIRA metrics and statistics. TestFLO integrates with CI tools like Jenkins or Bamboo for automated tests allowing you to run tests from JIRA and publish test results in real-time.
Visit TestFLO webesite: For more features and free trial, checkTestFLO website.

6) JIRA:

jira logo
JIRA is tool that makes an appearance anytime there is a discussion on any-management process- for all the right reasons. JIRA has 2 add-ons that support the test management process.
  a) Zephyr: All the aspects that you would expect of a typical tool of this type are supported. You can create tests/test suites/test cycles/bugs/reports and so on. You could have an additional add-on, ZAPI for automation integration.  Along with the initial JIRA license you would have to pay for Zephyr to use it. ($10 for 10 users a month). There is a free trail available too. Check out information about it at:
  b) Go2Group SynapseRT: This tool has all the test management features but the primary focus is on requirement based testing. It can be used for projects where it makes more sense to track your progress in terms of the completion and/or success-failure of a certain requirement as opposed to test cases. Traceability is of higher priority with this add-on. Along with the initial JIRA license you would have to pay for this add-on too. ($10 for 10 users a month). There is a free trail available at:

7) TestRail:

Testrail logo
TestRail is a centralized test case management tool – you can use it to create test cases and test suites, track execution and report metrics. Additionally, it integrates with many issue tracking tools that makes requirements from external systems to be linked to test cases in TestRail; bugs can also be created in the external systems and links can be established to the corresponding test case. It comes with a HTTP-based API to integrate with the automated test results. One most common integration is with Gemini, which is a incident/ticket management system(supports agile too). It is a commercial product with a free trial available at:

8) TestLodge:

TestLodge logo
This is a comprehensive test case management tool that has 4 key aspects – Test Plan, requirements, Test suites/cases and test runs. So, as you can see, it has everything it needs to be able to manage test cases for you. For all the other operations, it integrates with the many main stream incident/issue management tools to provide a comprehensive solution. It is a commercial product, for a free trial visit:

9) HP ALM/Quality center:

HP ALM logo
HP QC has been one of the most used test management softwarefor many years. It has all the features necessary and in many ways, it is the standard against which the other tools are measured. Even though it is one of the high-end tools, economically, it still remains to be very popular. Check out for trial and other information.

10) QMetry:

QMetry logo
QMetry is a total test management tool that you can use to create requirements, test cases (test suites) that can be run on multiple platforms and defects. It integrates seamlessly with many leading bug-tracking and automation environments making a good candidate for use in most situations. It is a commercial product, with a 30 day free trial available. Visit the site for more information at:

11) Testuff:

Testuff logo
Testuff is Saas Test Management tool that has many cool features. The typical test case management features are a given. Besides that, it has a cool video upload capability for a defect. Integrates with a huge list of bug-trackers, some of which are, Bugzilla, JIRA, YouTrack, Mantis among others. It has an API that supports automation tools like QTP, Rational Robot, Selenium, TestComplete etc. Best of all, it is very affordable. Check out the features and pricing information at:

12) Gemini:

countersoft gemini
One of the key components of this tool is supporting ‘Testing & QA’ along with the other aspects like Project Planning, issue tracking etc. Using this tool you could create test plans, test cases, test runs, traceability, test run reports etc. There are also various integrations and extensions available. It is a commercial product with a free starter pack available at:

13) TestLink:

TestLink logo
This is one of the very few open source test management toolsavailable for use in the market.  It is a web- based tool with typical features like, requirement management, test case creation and maintenance, test runs, tracking bugs, reports, integration with common issue trackers etc. To download, visit:

14) QAComplete:

smartbear QAComplete logo
QAComplete is one of the most powerful test management tools that we have.  This suits agile/traditional, manual/automation projects excellently.  You could use it in integration to QTP and TestComplete. For automation projects, you could schedule the test runs and run them remotely on any registered hosts. There is also a detailed release management feature that provides for better analysis. It works along with major bug-trackers and with source control tools – Subversion, Perforce and CVS. Given all the features, it is a little pricey. There is a free trial available though. Check out all its features at:

15) Silk Central:

Silk Central logo
This is a test management product by Borland. Once you have Silk Central with you there is a nothing left for you to ask for anything else. It is robustness personified, though it is pricey.  All the features for coverage, traceability, reporting, test creation, running – it has got them.  It integrates with many source control and issue tracking system. There are additional plug-ins to extend its capabilities to automation testing using QTP, WinRunner etc. It comes with a video capture feature and supports SAP testing. This product is really cool. Try it at:


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